Our Top 8 Yoga Pants (Hint: NOT Your Classic Black Legging)

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What to change up your look in yoga class? Tired of wearing the same old boring black leggings that everyone else is wearing? Here are our favorite eight yoga pants that you will love and we guarantee a better workout as well.


Our Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Smiling Leggings is our most popular yoga pants. I mean, who wouldn’t want an adorable Cheshire Cat smiling on your butt? You’re sure to show off that sweet workout with these. 



A popular trend now is the mesh panel yoga pants. First, these have the mesh paneling which helps you stay cool. Also, the fitting design will help show off your curves, but keep them all in one place when exercising. We’re in love with this graphic design as well.



3. Our ballerina leggings are very comfortable and feel great when doing your poses. I don’t know about you, but I think the tie at the bottom is perfection. These come in a variety of colors from pastels to darker colors.



4. If you’re more into geometrical designs, our Gray and White Chevron leggings are ideal for the sporty girl. The cool design is also very slimming. They work well for yoga or if you’re into running.



5. Have you ever dreamed of being a mermaid for the day? If yes, we have the perfect leggings for you. The detailed mermaid scales set these mermaid yoga pants way above the rest. They are made of high quality material and stay put while doing your hardest workout. All your friends will be asking where you found them.



6. Our colorful Floral Tiger yoga pants are nothing short of bad ass. When wearing these, your workout friends will feel your roar. The watercolor floral design is beautiful and placed on your hip, the power of a tiger. There’s no workout you can’t beat when wearing these powerhouse leggings.



7. A customer favorite is our Rainbow Neon leggings. These yoga pants are bright in color and even brighter in style. They also look super cool in your Instagram pictures showing off your most difficult poses. Let your light shine through when wearing these.



8. And last, but definitely not least, our Day of the Dead Skull and Roses leggings. Their edgy style is just right for the girl that loves to face that workout head strong. You’re sure to rock these yoga pants like no other.


With so many yoga pants to choose from, you won’t have any problem finding the best fit for you. Use SAVE10 when checking out to receive 10% off your next order.



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